Plan B responds to Charity Commission

The Charity Commission has started an investigation into Plan B, concerning Tim Crosland’s breach of the Heathrow embargo. Here’s our response: #RightToProtest

Government responds to Plan B’s letter before action

The Treasury has defended its decision to ignore the Paris Agreement in its bailouts for polluters such as RyanAir, Easyjet and Rolls Royce, claiming it was under no legal...

Plan B responds to OGA’s consultation on “Maximising the Economic Recovery” of UK Petroleum

Today, Plan B has responded to the Oil and Gas Authority’s (“OGA”) consultation on “maximising the economic recovery” of UK Petroleum. The OGA’s proposal, which treats as irrelevant the...

Plan B file appeal on Heathrow judgement

Today Plan B filed an appeal against the Heathrow judgement. You can read our skeleton argument here: Court of Appeal, Skeleton Argument  

James Hansen letter

James Hansen the General Public of the United Kingdom Including, Especially, British Young People

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Press release: Plan B supporting climate change charge against Heathrow expansion

Embargoed until 00:01 on 4 October 2018 Plan B supporting climate change charge against Heathrow expansion Today, 4 October, a broad range of parties, including the Charity Plan B,...

Trump administration files emergency appeal to thwart youth climate case

After its last-ditch appeal to the Ninth Circuit failed, the government tries again and says it will appeal for immediate relief to the Supreme Court. Source: Trump administration files...

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