Mission statement

Plan B has been established to support strategic legal action against climate change. By ensuring those responsible for greenhouse gas emissions bear the costs of loss and damage, we will increase the incentives for investment in clean technologies, harnessing market forces towards a better future for us all.​​​

Strategic objectives​​​

That by 2021:

  • (SO 1) Existing legal principles, which provide accountability and responsibility for climate change loss and damage, have been successfully applied and integrated into the market economy​
  • (SO 2) Robust, science-based policy, legal and regulatory frameworks, in support of the climate temperature goal, have been implemented nationally and internationally
  • (SO 3) Victims of climate change have access to effective protections and remedies.

What we do

​We will, inter alia:

  • Raise awareness about the critical role of strategic legal action in tackling climate change.
  • Develop and make publicly available information and resources to support legal actions.
  • Work in collaboration with other organisations to develop and implement a broad, networked strategy for bridging ‘the emissions gap’.
  • Support and commence legal action where appropriate.
  • Develop guidance for governments on developing and implementing legal and regulatory frameworks sufficient to meet their legal responsibilities.

Our approach

Operating as a small, niche organisation, and avoiding unnecessary overheads, we will target our resources on high impact interventions, introducing innovative methodologies that may be adopted by others at scale. Partnership and collaboration will be at the heart of its approach.

Over the period 2016-21 we will aim to build strong relationships with key partners in government, civil society, academia and industry, including by acting as a catalyst for network and strategy development in support of common goals.

What makes us different

There are other not-for-profit organisations of environmental lawyers supporting action to address climate change. Often such organisations have a regional focus and bring cases in response to particular projects or activities. We will aim to work with them and ensure our activities our complementary and mutually supportive.

Plan B is unique in focussing on the development of a net-worked, international legal strategy to meet the long-term climate goal; and in developing and publishing legal tools and resources to support citizens, NGOs and others in bringing their own actions around the globe.

About the web-site

The Plan B web-site is a publicly available resource designed to help lawyers, NGOS and others evaluate possible legal avenues to containing dangerous climate change and pursuing climate justice. It does not constitute legal advice. Anyone considering pursuing litigation should consult with an attorney licensed to practice law in the relevant jurisdiction.

Making detailed legal analysis available online has a number of advantages over a traditional text-book:

  • It is freely accessible to all;
  • It can be regularly updated; and
  • Users of the website can easily contribute ideas, suggestions and corrections (helping to ensure the overall integrity of materials).​