Courts of law are not courts of morals. Popular acceptance of the rule of law, however, depends on its grounding in basic ethical principles, ie that:

  • it is wrong to take action knowing it will cause substantial harm to others
  • it is right to take measures to prevent such harm.

Plan B was established in 2016, following the adoption of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, to hold to account those in power who knowingly take action inconsistent with 1.5˚C temperature goal of the Paris Agreement – the lifeline for humanity and for so much other life.

What we do

  • ​Bring legal actions against those in power, and their enablers, where there are breaches of legally binding climate commitments and violations of fundamental human rights
  • Provide the legal profession and others with accurate information about the climate crisis and its causes
  • Advocate for climate and reparatory justice, recognising that the colonisation of atmospheric space means devastation for those who have contributed least to the crisis – the peoples of the Global South, the younger generations and more than human forms of life.