• Only civil resistance now can save our democracy and our planet


All of us know (even J.P. Morgan) that Neoliberalism, the extreme political religion which forced upon us massive cuts to public services, financial deregulation and free-market capitalism, usurping democracies around the world by transferring power to unaccountable banks, corporations and speculators, has led us to this moment of extreme danger. The spiralling inequality, resource depletion and climate breakdown that are its consequences now jeopardise all those who we love and so much of life on earth in all its wonder and beauty.

All that is left to us now to resist the unspeakable horror of our current trajectory, and to reclaim our democracies from this flawed and fatal ideology, is the collective power of non-violent direct action.

And as Ukrainians fight for their lives and their freedom, cheered on from the side-lines by Western politicians scenting distraction and political survival, let us remember that Ukrainians stand for us too. There is a pertinent question those same politicians prefer us not to ask:

“What happened to Russian democracy that enabled Putin to seize power?”

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