Plan B is supporting the emergence of a networked, international movement of legal action to prevent catastrophic climate change.

You can join us on social media (Twitter: @PlanB_earth; Facebook: @ThereIsAPlanB)

We have no paid staff. We function as a network of volunteers united by our commitment to addressing the greatest challenge facing humanity.

Plan B Volunteers are organised into 4 “cells”:

  • ​Cell 1 – Building the movement
  • Cell 2 – Social Media Strategy and Implementation
  • Cell 3 – Press and Fundraising
  • Cell 4 – Legal Research & Publications

​If you would like to work in co-operation with Plan B or to volunteer your skills or time in some other way please fill in the contact form below.

​If you’d like to support our historic legal action against the UK Government, please visit our Crowd Fund Campaign at:

​Otherwise, donations can be made through PayPal. Or if you do not have an account you can use a credit or debit card.

​​Plan B Registered Charity Number: 1167953