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Right now we're working with young people to challenge the Government's failure to uphold their right to life in the economic response to COVID-19.

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Judgement “reserved” by High Court

“Judgement reserved” in the High Court today (ie the judge will take some time to decide whether the case is arguable). Profound truths spoken to the court by Adetola...

Why did the COP process fail? What next?

Despite the determined efforts of many to present COP26 as “important progress”, such claims are no more than propaganda and greenwash. In objective terms, COP26 has ended in absolute...

Brother Elorm Dade, 23, XR and Plan B activist, lost in action in Ghana

We have the solemn duty to report tragic news. Brother Elorm Dade, aged 23, a courageous XR and Plan B activist, has been lost in action in Ghana. There...