We've helped stop the Government's reckless plans to expand Heathrow Airport, setting a precedent on the Paris Agreement of global application.

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Key documents on our cases. Our UK 2050 carbon target case was unsuccessful in Court, but prompted a Government revision of the target to net zero. In February 2020 we won our case against Heathrow expansion. We're now challenging the Government's catastrophic bailout for polluters.

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Every donation makes a difference. We have no paid staff. We function as a network of volunteers united by our commitment to addressing the greatest challenge facing humanity.


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Plan B is supporting the emergence of a networked, international movement of legal action to prevent catastrophic climate change. ​If you would like to work with us please get in touch.

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Plan B files case for Supreme Court

We’ve now filed our response to Heathrow Airport Limited’s appeal to the Supreme Court.   Boris Johnson claims that “we will ensure that we abide by the judgment and...

Is it time to rebel?

Is Extinction Rebellion exaggerating the risks? Is humanity really facing an “existential threat”? Here are some key sources of evidence: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13iVfUySu3Jn7TVyVtZ4R2sCf44nLO_hjEBjy6bbT8E4/edit?usp=sharing

Government responds to Plan B’s letter before action

The Treasury has defended its decision to ignore the Paris Agreement in its bailouts for polluters such as RyanAir, Easyjet and Rolls Royce, claiming it was under no legal...