We're taking the UK Government to court over its reckless plans to expand Heathrow Airport. Join us!

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Following the Government's commitment to reviewing its climate targets the courts have refused us a full hearing on this case. There will be a full trial of Heathrow expansion, starting 11 March 2019, also involving the London Mayor, Friends of the Earth and others.

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People all over the world are now heading to court to hold governments and corporates to account for Climate Change. As part of this global movement Plan B is challenging the UK Government's plans to increase aviation, the most polluting form of transport.

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Plan B is supporting the emergence of a networked, international movement of legal action to prevent catastrophic climate change. ​If you would like to work in co-operation with Plan B or to volunteer your skills or time in some other way please get in touch.

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James Hansen writes letter to the general public

Dr James Hansen, the father of climate science whose testimony to US Congress in 1988 sounded the global alarm on climate change, has sent via Plan B a letter...

Plan B supports local declaration of climate emergency

Last week Plan B joined a delegation in support of a declaration of climate emergency by Southwark Council, the local government for an economically deprived part of inner city...

#NoToHeathrow trial over, “judgement reserved”

After a 7 day hearing, the #NoToHeathrow finally finished yesterday The court “reserved judgement” on all the cases, which means they’ve got some thinking to do and we don’t yet...