The Government knows this is a climate emergency and that compliance with the Paris Agreement is vital to our collective survival, yet doubles down on its addiction to carbon-based economic “growth”

On 1 May 2021, we served the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and the Energy Minister with legal proceedings for violating our human rights and the Paris Agreement.

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Following the initial refusal of permission, we know have an appeal hearing at the Royal Court of Justice on 25 November, 2021.

Case documentation


Statement of Facts and Grounds

Government’s Summary Grounds of Defence

Our Reply to the Government

TC second witness statement

TC third witness statement

Court order granting us permission to admit evidence of Climate Change Committee reports

Government response to additional evidence

Court order – refusal of permission

Appeal – Form 86B


Global Majority Vs: A Reparatory Justice Case of Law as Resistance for Planet Repairs


As featured in C4 Dispatches, “How Green is the Government?“. See trailer.

1 May 2021,Press release

“UK says a failure to act on the climate ‘is justified’”, Climate News Network, 6 August 2021

Kids are taking governments to court over climate. And they are starting to win“, CNN, 9 May 2021

“UK students sue government over human rights impact of climate crisis”, Guardian, 30 April 2021



The Government knows full well there is an unprecedented threat to all our lives, with young people and the Global South on the frontline. It knows recovery from COVID-19 presents a one-off opportunity to avert disaster. 

But it has failed to produce a plan to reduce the UK’s emissions in line with its legal obligations. It has failed to prepare for the crises to come. It has failed to control the City of London’s role as a “world-leading” financier and profiteer of destruction. And it has failed to make the polluter pay. The Government knows what needs to be done, but it’s not doing it.

The Government’s complicity is a violation of its legal duties to our planet, our generation and our communities (including the right to life and the right to family life, the Paris Agreement and the international law duty to prevent harm).

We do not consent to these violations. That’s why we are taking legal action. To fight for our right to life – and for yours too.

Who’s bringing the case?

The case is being led by three young British Citizens, Jerry Amokwandoh (22), Adetola Onamade (24) and Marina Tricks (20), who have family in Afrika and Abya Yala (the Americas, including the Caribbean and Latin America), regions of the world already experiencing extreme disruption from climate and ecological breakdown. The Government’s failure to plan is a breach of their right to life, their right to family life, and the prohibition of discrimination in the enjoyment of those rights.

They are being supported by Plan B together with the Stop the Maangamizi: We Charge Genocide/Ecocide! Campaign (

Case correspondence and materials

Press release, 12 December 2020

Pre-action letter sent to Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak, 12 December 2020

Government’s response to pre-action letter, 14 December 2020

Press coverage

New Youth Climate Lawsuit Launched Against UK Government on Five Year Anniversary of Paris Agreement

“However, the UK’s hosting of the meeting could be partially overshadowed by news fresh legal action has been launched against the Prime Minister and Chancellor Rishi Sunak over the government’s ongoing financing of high carbon infrastructure.

A trio of young Brits – Adetola Onamade, Marina Tricks, and Jerry Amokwandoh, aged 19 to 22 – allege the government’s ongoing support of fossil fuels at home and abroad constitute a violation of their rights to life and to family life, a violation of the Paris Agreement, and a violation of international law.”

The materials below relate to an earlier framing of the claim, focussed on the Government’s bailouts for polluters

7 July letter, warning of legal action

21 July, Pre-action protocol letter

7 August, Gov response re polluter bailouts

10 August, Gov response re funding for fossil fuel project in Mozambique

Press coverage

Press release, 21 July

Legal action threatened over Boris Johnson’s ‘unlawful’ green recovery plans, Guardian, 7 July

UK premier faces court over Covid-19 recovery, Climate News Network, 10 July

Campaigners launch legal challenge against UK’s green recovery plans, Guardian, 21 July

Climate Campaigners Launch Legal Challenge to ‘Catastrophic’ Government Recovery Package, Desmog, 22 July

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