The Treasury has defended its decision to ignore the Paris Agreement in its bailouts for polluters such as RyanAir, Easyjet and Rolls Royce, claiming it was under no legal obligation to do so.

Plan B is emphasising the disproportionate and discriminatory impacts of the Government’s disastrous trajectory on the younger generation, racially marginalised communities and the Global South.

Adetola Onamade, student coordinator of Extinction Rebellion Youth Solidarity and co-convenor of Tower Hamlets Stand Up to Racism said: 

“As a member of the Afrikan and Caribbean diaspora, I am shocked by the Government’s planned bailouts to polluters that make the British state culpable in the ongoing environmental destruction that most impacts our communities globally and locally, within the UK. This is particularly abhorrent in the wake of Global revolt following George Floyd’s murder, which will continue to hold governmental bodies to account for prioritising profit over Black Lives globally and locally.

In accordance with the Human Rights Act, the Government has not safeguarded the right to life for the most vulnerable in society, by consciously choosing ‘financial pathways’ that act in defiance of the Paris agreement. It is shocking that we have been fast-tracked on the trajectory to 4˚C warming, and “extreme danger”. This is already disproportionately being faced by young people, people in marginalised communities and on the frontlines in the Global South as they defend our livelihoods here in the UK.

This government had pledged to respect the science of COVID-19 and then wilfully ignored scientific advice, putting the most vulnerable, essential frontline workers and disproportionately racially marginalised communities at unnecessary risk. We will not allow Black lives, including our families lives, to be endangered by continued prioritisation of profiteering, extractive industries. This government must now correct its trajectory, stop prioritising profit over Black Lives and commit to stop exacerbating the current environmental and racial harm it has long been complicit in.”

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