Today Plan B wrote to the Energy Minister, Claire Perry, seeking urgent clarification of her request for advice from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).

Coming just a week after the IPCC’s report into 1.5˚C, which described the exceptionally serious environmental, economic and security consequences for humanity of crossing that threshold, and the likelihood that without an urgent and radical change of course, that threshold would be crossed any time from 2030, the Minister’s letter was expected to reflect that sense of urgency.

As it is she appears to have directed the CCC to keep the UK’s emissions reductions targets tied to the dangers and discredited 2˚C goal till 2032, a delay which would almost certainly put the 1.5˚C goal out of reach.

Tim Crosland, Director of Plan B, explains:

Given the IPCC’s message of extreme urgency, it is difficult to comprehend the Minister’s policy of procrastination until it’s too late. On the face of it, her stipulation is irrational and unlawful, but before we take further action we would like to understand her rationale.

Letter to Claire Perry re CCC tasking