Further to the order of Mr Justice Holgate, Plan B has now filed amended grounds of claim against Heathrow expansion, which conclude:

  1. Plan B can only speculate on whether the Secretary of State, in exercising his functions under the 2008 Act, ignored the Government’s policy position on the Paris Agreement and the 1.5 ̊C and ‘well below’ 2 ̊C limit, because:
    1. He was unaware of these matters;
    2. Considered them irrelevant; or
    3. Because he found it convenient to do so, since they are manifestly inconsistent with the proposal he wishes to advance.
  2. Regardless of the true explanation, the omissions undermine the legitimacy of the proposal, which would create intolerable risks for current and future generations of UK citizens if allowed to progress.

You can read the full grounds of claim here.