Today, 12 December, the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement, Plan B together with three young people, and in collaboration with the Stop the Maangamizi campaign, has begun a new legal action against the Government, to end the UK’s role in financing climate catastrophe. Tim Crosland, Director of Plan B said:

“The Government has been emphasising its net zero target (even though it knows it is not meeting it) to distract us from the real story – the City of London’s “world-leading” role in financing climate catastrophe. The FTSE100 is driving us towards 4˚C warming, which is terrorism for the younger generation and terrorism for the Global South. How can the Government provide “global leadership” through COP26 and the G7 without first confronting the true extent of the UK’s complicity in the crisis?”

We have served the Prime Minster, Boris Johnson, and the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, with a formal letter before action: see here for the letter in full.

Our Press release is here.

We need to raise funds to cover the costs of bringing the case. Please visit our crowd-funder site and back us if you can: