Tim Crosland has filed his Grounds of Appeal with the Supreme Court. His grounds are that:

  1. the Supreme Court was wrong to ignore his defence, which was that evidence that Heathrow expansion would cause the 1.5˚C temperature limit to be breached, had been suppressed
  2. the Supreme Court was wrong to ignore the letter from leading scientists and economists from all continents which supported his position
  3. the Supreme Court was not an independent and impartial tribunal since it has filed the original complaints against Tim Crosland
  4. The Attorney General should have disclosed the evidence of the Government’s breach of a court embargo in July 2020
  5. The £15,000 costs order combined with a £5000 fine on full-time volunteer was oppressive and arbitrary.

Tim Crosland said:

“Look at what’s happening. In Mozambique. In Canada. In Germany. These are not natural disasters, they are man-made disasters. It’s only going to get worse. Concealing evidence that Heathrow expansion would breach the 1.5˚C global limit was unconscionable”.

Grounds of Appeal