Plan B’s campaign to have the Heathrow proceedings live-streamed, supported by more than 1,500 people, did not succeed before the Divisional Court. But it seems it had an impact.

In an important development, the Court of Appeal has announced that the appeals, which will be heard over 6 days from  17 October 2019, will be live-streamed.

Tim Crosland, Director of Plan B, said:

“This is good news for democracy and good news for transparency. We want the public to hear for themselves that the Government decision to support the expansion of Heathrow was only possible because Chris Grayling considered the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which is central to our collective security, to be irrelevant. We want the public to understand that you can increase aviation; or you can tackle climate change; but you can’t do both.”

The hearing will begin on 17 October and continue on the 18 and 22-25 October (6 days in total).

Yesterday Plan B served its skeleton argument for the appeal hearing:

Heathrow appeal, skeleton argument