Today, 12 February, the Government launched proceedings to commit Tim Crosland, Director of Plan B to prison, for breaching the Supreme Court’s embargo on the Heathrow Judgement. If convicted Tim faces up to 2 years in prison.

Tim said:

“It’s been an interesting few days. Last week Professor James Hansen recommended me to the Prime Minister for his team for COP26. And now the Government is applying to the Court for my imprisonment.

The Government is doing three things. It’s claiming to be a “climate leader” ahead of COP26. It’s supervising the opening of a new coal-mine, continuing to spend billions of tax-payer money on fossil-fuel developments overseas and progressing carbon-intensive projects such as investment in the roads, the expansion of Heathrow Airport and HS2; meanwhile it’s suggesting that those who call out this treasonous hypocrisy and stand up for the future of our young people, our country and vulnerable communities everywhere, should be treated as organised criminals.

It’s the Government’s primary responsibility to safeguard the lives of its citizens from threats too complex for us to address as individuals. When instead it prioritises the vested interests of financiers and the carbon economy, the social contract is broken and it’s our moral and legal duty to rebel.

If fighting for my children’s lives makes me a criminal, then so be it.”