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The year is 2030. Scientists’ warnings from 2019 went unheeded and the consequences of climate destruction are now apparent. You are summoned for jury duty at the people’s court to decide responsibility for the ultimate crime against humanity and life on earth. Evidence will be presented on the role of Governments, industry, the media, academia, art institutions and the citizenry, and in all cases the jury will consider the same question: “In light of what they knew in 2019, did they do enough, and if not, what should they have done?“. Part-theatre, part-art installation, part-people’s court, this groundbreaking event about climate justice and accountability will present testimonies, along with visuals and video installations, bringing this trial to life in an immersive fashion. Overseen by a judge, it will then be up to you, the jury to decide whether each party is guilty or not.

Join climate litigation charity Plan B, Extinction Rebellion, visual arts organisation 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, True Name Theatre, and People’s Bureau for the trial of our lives.



13–14 July 2019  |  12:00hrs–17:00hrs



Tate Exchange  |  Tate Modern  |  5th Floor

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