The Supreme Court has advised that it proposes to depart from its usual practice of live-streaming its proceedings for the prosecution of Tim Crosland, and that due to Covid restrictions, hardly anyone will actually be able to attend the trial.

Tim has sent formal submissions to the court requesting that his trial be genuinely public and open, which is an essential element of  a fair trial:

“In conclusion, the Respondent is to be tried on a serious criminal charge, by the
Supreme Court, which is also the complainant in this case. If convicted the Respondent
faces a sentence of up to 2 years imprisonment. The case raises matters of global
interest and concern, relating as it does to the Supreme Court’s disregard for the Paris
Agreement Temperature Limit “on which our collective survival depends”. The
Respondent contends that the Supreme Court’s original judgment suppressed critical
evidence from public view. To conduct such a trial in circumstances which effectively
exclude the press and the public would run counter to the most fundamental principles of
democracy and justice.”

Application to the Supreme Court