Six weeks after his trial for breaching the embargo on the Heathrow judgment, the Supreme Court has ordered Tim Crosland, a full-time volunteer for Plan B, to pay the Government £15K costs by 12 July, in addition to the £5K fine imposed on 10 May. The Court has failed to provide any reasoning in support of this ruling.

Tim Crosland said:

“It’s strange that the Supreme Court has offered no explanation for this oppressive and arbitrary order, issued six weeks after the trial. Was the Court influenced by the successful crowd-funder for the £5K fine? In the absence of any reasons, it’s difficult to say. I’ve asked the Court to explain why the order is dated 10 May, when in reality it was only issued yesterday. It has not responded.

The Government knew Heathrow expansion would breach the 1.5˚C Paris temperature limit on which our collective survival depends, but concealed that information from the public. That should be the real concern, not retaliation against the whistle-blower.

I will appeal the Court’s unjust ruling. The appeal will be heard by a different panel of the Supreme Court – an interesting one for the constitutional lawyers. We’re in the midst of a tragically predictable global crisis, with people already dying and being displaced at scale and the future of our young people hanging by a thread. Where’s the sense of perspective in all this? Who are the real criminals?”

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