1 March 2024

Judge Silas Reid, a Crown Court Judge sitting at Inner London Crown Court (dubbed ‘Judge Dread’ by Private Eye), has warned a jury in an ongoing trial of five women from Extinction Rebellion that applying their conscience to the case would be a crime:

“It is only on the evidence you are able to try the case and not on conscience …

It is a criminal offence for a juror to do anything from which it can be concluded that a decision will be made on anything other than the evidence.” 

The trial, which began on 19 February 2024, concerns a group of women who broke glass in case of climate emergency at JP Morgan’s European headquarters on 1st September 2021. JP Morgan has continued to invest vast sums in promoting fossil fuel projects around the world, despite their own economists warning in 2020 that climate breakdown, caused primarily by the burning of fossil fuels, is a threat to the human race.

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