Dr James Hansen, the father of climate science whose testimony to US Congress in 1988 sounded the global alarm on climate change, has sent via Plan B a letter to the citizens of Britain regarding upcoming direct actions:

“I write … in recognition that citizens throughout the U.K., led increasingly by the young – those who stand to lose most, now are rising to demand that national leaders develop and adhere to a viable path away from calamitous global warming, including all the disruption to civilization and nature that is, of necessity, at issue …

The foregoing, accordingly, constitutes my best brief effort to explain our present, serious, global, climate crisis. I will have failed if, upon its review, the reader decides to shirk his or her fundamental responsibility. Now, more than before, we need to bring to bear our full acumen, time, and resources so as to demand and forge a viable future.”

People urgently need access to good information on the climate emergency. Please help the letter to reach its intended audience:

James Hansen letter to the general public