The High Court ruled that the case brought by three young people of the Global Majority and Plan B, which advances the modest proposition that the Government has a positive legal obligation under the Human Rights Act 1998 to take practical and effective to align action to the 1.5˚C limit, is “unarguable” on the grounds (among others) that:

“the Claimants are using compliance with the Paris Temperature Limit as a test for compliance with Article 2 (and Article 8) [the rights to life and to family life]. The effect is that the Court is being asked to enforce the Paris Agreement, contrary to the guidance in [the Supreme Court decision of SC].” [judgment para 53]

The Claimants had presented the Court with uncontested evidence that the Bank of England and the FTSE100 are knowingly financing between 3-4˚C warming which, according to the scientific consensus, would mean loss of human life and displacement on an unimaginable scale.

Tim Crosland said:

“If the courts are bound to ignore the scientific evidence of what is needed to safeguard life, then ‘the right to life’ is no more than an illusion in a political economy which privileges the safety of short-term corporate profit over the welfare of ordinary people. We’ll appeal to the Court of Appeal and, from there, to the European Court of Human Rights.”

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