A senior civil servant at the Department of Transport has written to Plan B to say the Government may now review plans to expand Heathrow Airport.

Following Parliament’s recognition of a climate and ecological emergency and the Climate Change Committee’s recommendation of a net zero target by 2050, Plan B wrote to the Government to urge a review in light of these fundamental changes of circumstance.

Caroline Low, the Director for Heathrow expansion, replied to say:

I can confirm that the department will carefully consider this request [for a review of the airports national policy statement, which includes Heathrow].

“As well as giving careful consideration to the net zero report and the declaration of environment and climate emergency, mentioned in the request, it may be necessary to consider the committee on climate change’s recommended policy approach for aviation … and any relevant decisions taken by the government in the coming months as a result.”

The news was widely reported in the media:

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The letter from the Department of Transport to Plan B is here.