Tomorrow, 17 October (“World Poverty Day”), the Court of Appeal will begin hearing the legal challenges to Heathrow expansion.
Plan B’s and Friends of the Earth’s claims, focussed on climate change, will be heard on 17th and 18th October.
The principal question is whether Chris Grayling was correct to consider that the Paris Agreement was “irrelevant” to his decision to approve plans for the expansion of Heathrow Airport.
Tim Crosland, Director of Plan B, said:
It’s interesting timing that the first day of the hearing should be World Poverty Day. Last year 97% of the world’s population didn’t take a flight. 80% of the world’s population have never flown. Taking a flight from London to Edinburgh produces more carbon emissions than the average person in Uganda produces in a year. A policy to expand aviation in the midst of the climate and ecological emergency is a policy to reduce the live chances of the most vulnerable to maximise the temporary convenience of the few.”
The hearing will begin from 10am in Court 76 of the Royal Courts of Justice, the Strand. It will also be live-streamed: